A broader range of compact robots

Suitable for general purpose applications and handling, the MOTOMAN GP series robots enhance Yaskawa Italia’s offer as successors of the MH series robots.
These six-axis robots – available in the GP7, GP8, GP12 and GP25 versions (with a payload of 7, 8, 12 and 25 kg, respectively) – are featured by high speed and resistance to dust and liquids, proven by the compliance to the IP67 standard. These robots can be used without further modifications even in harsh environments for handling and other automation tasks. The GP series robots are controlled by the new, extremely compact YRC1000 controller, which allows for optimal use of space and is designed to set new standards in terms of acceleration and speed.
Designed to work side by side with operators in a shared work area, Yaskawa’s MOTOMAN HC10 represents an important step towards what the company defines as “humanotronics”. It is an improvement in human-machine interaction, focused on the human factor. Equipped with 6 axes, a 1200 mm outreach and 10 kg payload, Yaskawa’s cobot represents the next generation in robotics: capable, affordable, versatile and easy to use. Operator safety is guaranteed by the Power and Force Limit (PFL) technology, which immediately reacts to external forces by stopping the robot in case of contact.