A web platform for preventive maintenance

SICK Condition Monitoring is a web platform developed by SICK by means of which plant managers may easily access machine and sensor data, to visualize, record and analyze them. This information is collected by IoT Gateway systems, such as, for instance, SICK Meeting Point Router (MPR), which then makes it available through the existing network structure for the Condition Monitoring application.

Significant status changes are recognized in real time and analyzed by SICK technicians in the Service Center, who evaluate the state of efficiency of the components concerned. Besides, when limit values are exceeded and/or when preset alarm thresholds are reached, the messaging function sends e-mail alerts to the plant manager or to SICK, as service provider.
In this way performance trends, possible anomalies and dangers are recognized in advance, and it is possible to take action on time to reduce the maintenance costs and machine down times deriving from the failure of a component. Every transfer of data to the server is codified. Data may be saved, as preferred, on-premise by the user or on a SICK cloud server.