Advanced Monitoring Is So “4.0”

As a spin-off of Politecnico di Milano, Miraitek benefits from the research results of the School of Management’s Manufacturing Group, with the ambitious goal of supporting manufacturing companies in the digital transformation of production processes. TheMirai4Machine web-based platform, in particular, is designed for real time monitoring of machine operating status.

by Giorgia Stella

Founded in March 2018, Miraitek is a spin-off of Politecnico di Milano with very clear ideas. The company’s flagship lays in the fusion of skills from factory automation and research. The goal of the young but already well-equipped reality is to support companies in optimizing their production processes through the capability to select and integrate tools for the digital transformation of production plants.
“The technological integration of platforms for data collection and analysis allows companies to improve and increase the efficiency of their production processes, in compliance with the targets of Industry 4.0”, says engineer Ida Critelli, Product Manager at Miraitek. “For this reason, we have developed our own web-based platform, Mirai4Machine, which allows users to get real-time information on the operating status of production machines. We are primarily addressing machine builders, providing them with a flexible solution designed with the aim of monitoring machine status in real-time, receive notifications and alarms coming from the machine itself make it possible to analyze data by consulting the archive available in the databases”.

Tools for OEMs or end users
The Mirai4Machine platform is designed to allow scalable monitoring of production plants: from the analysis of a single station to the analysis of the whole machine, line or production plant, Mirai4Machine provides a thorough overview of production site operation. Information on the operating status of the machines is available on stationary, mobile or wearable devices.
These tools are addressed not only to OEMs – who can verify the product functioning in real time – but also to machine users, who can monitor the efficiency of the production department, thus anticipating maintenance operations and drastically reducing breakdowns and downtime. Furthermore, the platform provides real-time indications on electrical and pneumatic consumption on a machine.

Identifying criticalities and improvements to make factories more efficient
This is not it. “We aim to support companies also with a specialized consulting service: thanks to our industrial engineering skills, we can read and analyze the data collected from the production plant and process them critically to improve their performance. Our goal is to identify critical issues and possible improvements in order to make factories more efficient, flexible and competitive. By collecting data we manage to optimize the factory”, adds Ida Critelli. “The tool can be our platform, but not necessarily: we have, in fact, signed some partnership agreements with other technological integrators equipped with their own solution. Always with the aim of increasing production efficiency, we can also intervene on an already existing and even dated machines, proceeding step by step and trying to integrate, wherever possible, basic monitoring functions”.