Electrical Actuators for Challenging Applications

Strongly focused on integrating different technologies, such as pneumatics or mechatronics, Pneumax widens the range of products related to electrical actuation, joining the brand-new electrical cylinders Series 1800 to the electrical axes Series 18T. Equipped with brushless motors with incremental encoder and control driver, the new cylinders perfectly meet the requirements of highly demanding sectors such as assembly and packaging.

by Giorgia Stella

Pneumax’s commitment to creating products capable to meet the specific application needs of several sectors is the driver that leads the development of solutions. These increasingly use different and complementary technologies, from pneumatic technology to electrical actuation.
Ensuring high performance for single components is not enough: the products are supposed to be designed according to drivers which differ according to the end sector, the need to ensure “security” in compliance with safety automation, or rather the request for specific materials or different and increasingly dedicated functions, with steady attention to consumption and, of course, reliability.

Joining robustness, reliability and easy management
The continuous search for the improvement of performance related to the speed of translation and precision in the positioning control has led Pneumax to invest in the continuous enlargement of its range of products related to electrical actuation. Now, the electric axes Series 18T (made with different profiles and available in both versions with belt or integrated ball screw transmission) are joined by the brand-new electrical cylinders Series 1800.
The latter arise from the wish to make a product that might combine robustness and reliability with an easy management in terms of both maintenance and setup. The possibility of a complete work cycle management with acceleration and deceleration ramps, stops at intermediate strokes with a repeatability of hundredths of a mm makes them very suitable for use in high-performance sectors – such as assembly and packaging – where speed and flexibility are key elements to work effectively. The cylinders Series 1800 are currently available in four sizes – 32, 40, 50, 63 – in versions with in-line or parallel motor, made with connection interface compliant with the ISO 15552 standard.

IP65 protection standard for mechanics and motors
The stem is translated by means of a worm screw transmission with ball recirculation, which converts the rotary motion of an electric motor into a linear motion.
The internal anti-rotating piston is equipped with calibrated pads that minimize the play with the barrel, thus allowing for excellent positioning accuracy. Besides, the cylinders are equipped with a magnet on the piston, so as to allow the use of external sensors or rather external linear position transducers. In order to make maintenance easier, an access point to the ball screw nut for periodic lubrication is provided. Thanks to the partnership with Siemens, the cylinders Series 1800 are equipped with brushless motors made by the German company (100, 400, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000 W) with incremental encoder and control driver, always made by Siemens, from 220÷240 V 1AC/3AC. Both the mechanics and the motors feature the IP65 protection standard. Motors with absolute encoder and brake are available on request. A range of accessories and fixing flanges allow both the use of cylinders with different motors and their combination in order to create portals and multi-axis systems in case interpolation is required.