Engaged in a socket lid assembly line

ABB’s YuMi collaborative robot will work side-by-side with a human counterpart at ABB Elektro-Praga Low Voltage Products plant in Jablonec nad Nisou, the Czech Republic. In particolaur, YuMi will work on its socket lid assembly line. Thanks to its inherently safe design, the collaborative dual arm robot solution will ensure the safety of those around it and elevate the nature of work at the plant by performing repetitive tasks to perfection.
YuMi will utilize connected services developed by ABB, which will monitor the robot during production and operation. The ability to monitor YuMi in this manner will increase its efficiency, reduces service costs, secure uptime and extend its lifetime. The collaborative workstation consists of YuMi, a human operator, sensor devices, conveyors, vibration feeders, and a spring disentangling system. YuMi handles springs, child locks and child lock covers. The assembly process is triggered by the human operator who places two socket lids and two child lock covers in front of the robot. YuMi uses its suction grippers to grasp the child locks, which it then places into prepared socket lids. Next, YuMi takes springs from the feeder (two pieces per each socket), and puts them into the space between the child lock and the socket lid. The robot then grasps the child lock cover with its gripper and places it on the socket lid which is equipped with a child lock and spring. The socket assembly is completed by pushing the child lock cover into the socket lid. The operator inserts a screw into the lid and sends the completed socket for packaging.

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