Happy Birthday, AIdAM!

In the life of human beings, their twentieth birthday marks the end of adolescence and the official entry, after the limit of 18 fixed by the law, into adulthood. A whole new phase of life, in which the opinions expressed begin to have a specific weight for those who listen to them. This is the time for great decisions about one’s future, for choice of sides, for one’s courage to take their own path, without paying too much attention to the advice of those who have been in the same position before.

The crucial moment has finally arrived for AIdAM, too, as in September the Association will blow out its first twenty candles. And for the occasion we thought of making of its birthday an unforgettable day.
An event that is not only a moment of fun and entertainment but an opportunity of growth and exchange, between old and new faces, tradition and innovation. An astounding location, Palazzina Appiani, Napoleonic building in the greenery of Parco Sempione. A conference on machine rental, a theme in line with the need for flexibility, with prominent speakers willing to share their experience and tell their point of view on future market trends. A networking cocktail and a dinner with entertainment and team building activities, to strengthen existing ties and create new ones. An exclusive birthday to celebrate together a journey as well as the successes achieved so far, but with a special attention to future targets.