Non-Contact Dispensing of Solder Paste

Nordson EFD has introduced Liquidyn® P-Jet SolderPlus® jet valve and solder paste system, thought to be used with SolderPlus solder paste. The system delivers precise, repeatable deposits at faster speeds for increased productivity in electronics assembly processes.

by Sebastiano Mainarda

The new Liquidyn® P-Jet SolderPlus® jet valve and solder paste system, introduced by Nordson EFD, ensures high accuracy and repeatability, also eliminating the need for Z-axis movement. This allows for significantly faster production speeds when compared to contact dispensing. Furthermore, it makes it easy to dispense solder paste consistently onto uneven surfaces or parts with varying tolerances. In addition, the modular design of the P-Jet SolderPlus valve simplifies service and maintenance. Suitable for jetting EFD’s specialized, ISO-certified solder paste formulations in a wide variety of leaded and lead-free alloys, the jet valve dispenses deposits as small as 700 µm in diameter at dispensing frequencies up to 25Hz. Pre-qualified SolderPlus jetting formulations save time and streamline implementation.

A complete system with the dispensing paste
“Our P-Jet SolderPlus jet valve is designed to work as a complete system with our own pre-qualified dispensing paste”, said Julian Greiner, Global Product Line Manager – Jet Valves, Nordson EFD. “This is a game changer in our industry in terms of the ability to jet solder paste consistently and reliably with high accuracy, even on hard-to-access, uneven or delicate substrates. Manufacturers will benefit from a faster, more controlled solder paste dispensing process, and our complete system significantly reduces the time it takes to implement”.The pneumatic P-Jet SolderPlus valve features a low cost of ownership. Even the most demanding processes are easy to implement with this innovative jetting solution from Nordson EFD.

Formulations created for specific uses
The above mentioned system was designed specifically for Nordson EFD’s SolderPlus dispensing paste. When joints are needed but printing is not possible, Nordson EFD’s premium dispensing solder paste supports a wider array of applications with formulations created for specific uses.
In addition to the standard pastes provided by other suppliers, EFD provides specialized formulations for low-temperature and high-temperature reflow and leaded and lead-free alloys in all flux types and alloy particle sizes. In order to help customers find the right solder paste, these formulations are available in different categories called “families”, each of them with the necessary features to ensure optimal results in specific applications.
For contact dispensing applications, EFD offers the reliable 794 and 794-TC Series auger valves.