Safe cable guidance in confined spaces

A safe energy supply with highly dynamic cable travel is particularly important for machines with confined spaces. Therefore, igus has developed the small-sized E2.10 energy chain from the E2.1 series. The e-chain has an inner height of only 10 mm and an outer height of 15 mm, making it ideal for the smallest of spaces. Like all links from the E2.1 product range, the chain links consist of only one bottom and side part, as well as one crossbar. The e-chain can be easily opened from both the top and the side with a screw driver. The opening mechanism is included in each initial order, which allows the chain to be opened within seconds and closed again by hand after the cables have been fitted. Products from the E2.1 series also have a durable stop-dog for up to 25 percent greater unsupported length, 100 percent higher fill weight and 10 percent less overall weight than its e-chain counterparts.