Smart, simple and safe cobot

In addition to the IAI and EPSON brands in the field of linear systems and SCARA and 6-axis robots, Sinta now distributes Techman collaborative robots. Techman, one of the technology and development business branches of the Quanta Group, whose name results from the union of the words “Technology” and “Human”, has created a collaborative robot with integrated vision. This is a great innovation, indeed: the perfect integration of the vision system with the robot hardware and software greatly simplifies the way to approach issues, thus making it possible to save time and resources.
TM5 is a really smart, simple and safe cobot. Thanks to its powerful integrated vision system and TM flowTM software, the TM5 sees, thinks and works like a human being, easily carrying out a lot of automation operations.
A simple manual backing is enough to teach TM5 work positions. The flowchart user interface makes the use of the robot as intuitive and easy as a smartphone. The vision system is managed by the TM flowTM software, in which several functions are already integrated: among these, algorithms to detect objects position and orientation, barcode identification, differentiation according to colour and image filtering mode. In just 5 minutes, it is possible to create simple applications allowing users to carry out the process safely in collaboration with the operator. TM5 meets the ISO 10218 safety requirements in design, hardware, software and operations. The robot has 6 kg payload, 700 mm maximum reach, +/- 0.05 mm repeatability and a maximum speed of 1.1 m/sec. Finally, the robot is IP54 and weighs 22.1 kg.

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