Compact cylinder with linear guide

SMC has launched MXZ, a compact cylinder with an integrated linear guide, designed to stop, position, clamp or lift. Only 44 mm high, the MXZ is extremely versatile and suitable for transferring lightweight workpieces in any application where a short and precise stroke cylinder is required and where the space amount is quite small. It ensures high resistance to side loads and allows users to save on costs due to the need for mounting an external guide. It also delivers optimum performance as the guide provides high precision (±0.02 mm) when measured without a load and the rod is extended. The MXZ also helps reduce overall labour costs as round type auto switches can be mounted directly without protruding beyond the cylinder body, thus minimizing the risk of interference with other machine parts. “The MXZ Series offers a real breakthrough in terms of compact design, precision and functionality”, said Marino Colombo, Product Manager at SMC.