Linear Motor Stage for Anyone

Hiwin launches the SSA series of single axis linear motor stages, an entry-level product that aims to make the transition to automation with linear motors affordable for customers using more traditional handling systems. Roberto Pavan, vice president System Division at Hiwin Italia, talks about the features and possible applications of the new product.

by Leonardo Albino

Making the offer of automation solutions even more complete by releasing an entry-level product, also reliable and featured by a good quality/price ratio, capable to bring customers using mechanical automation systems closer to the world of linear motors. This, in short, is the goal of Hiwin, a company specializing in motion control and system technology, which launches the SSA series of linear motor stages. “Motion components based on the use of linear motors generally cost more than those with purely mechanical technology”, says Roberto Pavan, vice president System Division at Hiwin Italia. “This can be an obstacle for those who want to switch to linear motion technology, ensuring higher performance. Hiwin’s new SSA series aims to break down this wall and provide a product with a surprising cost, in some cases comparable to stages with traditional motors”. To meet the needs of quick delivery, a dedicated production line has also been created in Taiwan, allowing components to be manufactured, tested and shipped in quite a short time, estimated at 3-4 weeks for Italy.

Customize stage stroke
“Being an entry-level product – adds Mr Pavan – the aluminium structure does not allow for customisation. What can be customized is the stroke, up to a certain length. It is possible to have stages with stroke up to 2.5 m approximately. All the stages SSA Series are equipped with precision incremental magnetic encoders in the standard configuration or, on request, with optical absolute encoders”.
There are currently two families of linear motor stages in the SSA Series: SSA 18 and SSA 20. The first has peak forces of up to approximately 600 N, while the second generates peak forces of up to 1,600 N. The maximum speed that can be achieved are 5 m/s, with a maximum acceleration of about 50 m/s2.
The new series of stages can be interfaced with Hiwin drives (Series D1, D1-N and D2, in particular) and communicate by means of EtherCat protocol. Alternatively, the stages can be interfaced with all the main drives available on the market.

An additional option for customers
As mentioned above, the main goal of the Taiwanese company was to provide its customers an additional option in the choice of the handling system.
“Hiwin’s offer now includes three different opportunities: the fully customisable stage, the strength indeed of our System Division; the entry-level product with a really interesting price/performance ratio; the supply of loose components if the customer wants to make the stage by himself”, explains Mr Pavan.
“Talking about possible applications, the solution developed is suitable for automation requirements in nearly any field, from packaging to machine tools, up to fields quite far away from traditional mechanics. Of course, the new linear motor stage is absolutely suitable for assembly machines”.