New release of machine vision software

iMAGE S released HALCON 18.05 from MVTec Software, the latest HALCON release with new advanced functionalities. The new version allows users to use directly the CPUs for the inference part of convolutional neural networks (CNN). In particular, the inference was optimized for x86 Intel®-compatible CPUs. This means that an ordinary Intel processor can achieve the performances of an average graphic processing unit (GPU). The systems operational flexibility can be significantly improved.
Developers may benefit from two new functionalities. First of all, they can access HDevelop procedures not only in C++ but also in .NET via an exported wrapper, with the same friendliness and intuitiveness of a native function, thus making development process simpler. In addition, HALCON 18.05 greatly simplifies parameter management, thus making it easier for programmers.
“HALCON 18.05, implementing deep learning algorithms, paves new ways in the field of machine vision”, said Marco Diani, iMAGE S’ co-founder and president.