Service for the maintenance of energy chains

In addition to selling energy chains, Kabelschlepp offers an after-sale service for their maintenance.
During this process, the engineers check all the energy chains, slide them along their entire length and examine the cables and worn parts. Any flaw, risk or potential optimization is detected and reported to the customer in detail. In addition to this, the technical conditions of all energy chains are assessed. Upon request, the work carried out is documented with maintenance reports which the customer can use for internal quality management or certification purposes.
The inspection is flexible and is tailored to the customer’s deadlines and requests: the engineers work at any time of the day or night, including weekends and holidays: ideally, it is expected to intervene whenever the customer’s systems could stop. So, downtime can be easily planned, in this case getting a good compromise to prevent unplanned downtime, including unpredictable financial consequences.