The selection and design software

The item ( linear motion unit® is the all-in-one, turnkey solution for your automation needs. A portfolio of Linear Units, Motors and Controllers offer the ideal basis for configuring a customised automation solution that is tailored to your requirements.

When working with the innovative configuration software item MotionDesigner®, users can formulate their transport task in as much detail as they like. This configuration is completely free to use and analyses thousands of options to calculate the perfect combination of components for your specific task. You end up with the right selection of products and a list of useful accessories. This intelligent software covers the entire transport task and factors in your dynamic requirements and technical parameters (factors in the static, dynamic and thermal loads of all components).

Where the configuration software item MotionDesigner® leaves off, commissioning software item MotionSoft® picks up seamlessly. All the data you have already entered is reused, avoiding duplication and saving you a lot of time.

item MotionSoft® commissioning software and the intelligent item controller measure the linear unit independently and thus calculate the optimum settings.