The Top-Five Dispensing Robots

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of dispensing, ISCRA dielectrics, the official distributor in Italy of the dispensing robots manufactured by Fisnar Europe. These are indeed cost-effective solutions for automatic liquid dispending for industrial use. In this article, ISCRA highlights five dispensing robot that, due to their features and the benefits provided, are suitable for the specific application requirements of potential users.

by Rino De Luca

Particularly suited to dispense adhesives, sealants, paints, oils, pastes and many more products, among which are bi-component adhesives and resins, the robots by Fisnar Europe are manufactured with the aim to meet the requirements of low, medium and high production environments across a broad range of industries.
The initial investment on a dispensing robot is quickly recouped, since human error is minimised by eliminating reject components, and production capacity increases due to higher production cycle times. This leads to significant cost savings. Accuracy and consistency are guaranteed with a dispensing robot, as it can be programmed to dispense a material precisely within tolerance as small as +/-0.01 mm. While their capabilities may be advanced, dispensing robots are easy to operate. Programming them is simple and user-friendly with proprietary teaching software.

Best for value: the entry-level solution with a unique design
For consumers taking the first steps in automating their dispensing process, an entry-level robot such as Fisnar’s F4200N.1 is the ideal purchase. Though this dispensing robot has been singled out for value, it should not be mistaken for a low-quality system comprised of cheap components. On the contrary, it’s the unique design that makes the F4200N.1 special.
The Fisnar team has spent many years refining the mechanical design of its entry level robot, to produce the industry’s most compact system, capable of delivering high performance and accuracy.
With its slim line construction and small work area footprint, the F4200N.1 desktop robot is well suited to low volume production runs or a manufacturing project in the early R&D stage.

Best for performance: the Gantry robot is easy to integrate
Easily integrated with in-line industrial automation, the F9800N Gantry robot is loaded with features guaranteed to maximise performance. Its ball screw drive system translates rotational motion to linear motion with little friction, resulting in high end precision at every turn.
High performance servo motor drive and closed loop encoder feedback ensure guaranteed positional accuracy to within +/-0.02 mm.
The Gantry design means that tools aren’t loaded directly onto the robot, instead they are loaded under the robot, facilitating an increased work load capacity.
As a standard, users can load up to 7 kg of weight and, upon request, such capacity can be increased to 15 kg.
A sizeable working area of 800 x 600 mm makes the F9800N model perfect for large-scale dispensing applications. Users have the additional option of processing multiple parts simultaneously with the step-and-repeat routine, a function allowing users to considerably reduce production time.

Best for innovation: the robot able to create its own working area
Leading the way for ingenuity, the F5200N.1 UNITOP robot is the only product of its kind in the dispensing robotics arena. With the unique capability to create its own working area, the F5200N.1 works as either a desktop or Gantry robotic system, and can be mounted to any surface.
This versatile robot can be used on any type of platform requiring a Gantry type mounting with open access underneath. It is also suitable for conveyor-fed automation and may be installed in work cells, operating as a slave robot.

Best for technology: the help of the integrated vision system Incorporating the latest developments in technology, the F7400NVL is one of the most progressive dispensing robots on the market. Equipped with a vision system and a laser height scanner, programming on this robot is carried out by a sophisticated camera, rather than leaving it to human input. The camera will check for mis-alignment in the positioning of the time and off sets the dispense programme to accommodate this. Similarly, the laser height scanner can be used to check the height of the dispense surface and dispensed parts and adjust accordingly. These functions make the F7400NVL particularly well suited to dispensing on curved or irregular shaped surfaces, which can be very difficult for the operator to program.
The vision system is supplied with a touch screen display for simulation preview and a PC, in order to ensure that all components are compatible. This comprehensive package is designed to eliminate any costly start-up issues.

The best-seller: powerful and all-rounder with a generous working area
Fisnar’s best-selling robot, the F45000N rates highly for value, functionality and ease of use, making it a great all-round system. This powerful benchtop dispensing robot is optimally sized, with a working area of 500 x 500 mm, and an extra Z-axis reach of 150 mm. Thanks to this generous working area, there is plenty of space to attach robotic accessories that have been designed to enhance a dispensing robot’s productivity. A device such as a tip alignment module is easily added to the F45000N and facilitates the smooth operation of a robot through automatic detection of its dispense tip position and the ability to adjust it accordingly. The F45000N robot is user-friendly, with programming carried out by a teach-pendant using a dispensing software that provides the operator with step-by-step instructions.

(Rino De Luca, ISCRA dielectrics)