We Can Trust the Electronic “Eyes”

A complete range of 2D and 3D vision sensors, key components indeed of assembly and manufacturing tasks as well as quality control, the brand-new multicode reader to detect reliably 1D and 2D codes, in addition to a new product designed for the AGVs. ifm electronic puts on display at SPS Italia its innovative solutions for process control.

by Franco Parrino

Visions sensors are today an integral part of assembly and manufacturing tasks as well as quality control. They are cameras with application-specific evaluation, i.e. reliable electronic “eyes” at a low cost and a high degree of integration. Vision sensors can be used without previous knowledge due to their application-specific nature: an Ethernet process interface is used for data transmission, parameter setting and remote monitoring.
Robust and compact ifm electronic’s 2D and 3D sensors are featured by a particularly high degree of integration. In contrast to complex camera solutions, all necessary components such as lighting, optics, evaluation electronics and output logic are integrated in the industrial housing.

The manifold applications of 3D sensors
ifm electronic will show at its booth at SPS Italia several applications of the O3D 3D sensor with Time of Flight (ToF) technology. This makes it possible to detect scenes and objects with just one image capture of 23,232 pixels in three dimensions and without motion blur.
The O3D sensor reliably detects the load height in machinery for mechanical handling, e.g. belts, and the loading of pallets.
The sensor determines the level via a defined background and transmits the process value via analogue output or digitally and noise immune via the Ethernet process interface. Talking about applications, the sensor is particularly suited for non-contact dimensioning of rectangular objects – identifying their dimensions, orientation and position – as well as monitoring the object completeness by comparing it with the models taught in by the user. It signals any deviation via a switching output.
ifm electronic’s O3D 3D sensor can be used as a support for robots engaged in palletising or depalletizing operations.

As simple as a sensor
Launched in Hannover and part of the company’s booth at SPS Italia, the new multicode reader reliably detects 1D or 2D codes. It ensures safe detection even in harsh conditions, for instance with iridescent lighting or bright surfaces, regardless the way the code is printed: on a label, engraved on the surface or rather applied in other ways. In a few thousandth of second, also several different codes can be evaluated in one or more images.
The integrated lighting (red or infrared) and the various lens make multicode readers available for nearly any industrial application. Simple applications with a code for every image can be set up quickly by means of an integrated Teach button, thus saving time and costs. For complex detection tasks, the multicode reader can be configured using the award-winning Vision Assistant software, equipped with the auto-find code function to detect several different codes in one image.